Friday, February 6, 2009

Batik MAXI Dress

Deutzyg Boutique is specializing in Batik Maxi Dress. Our Batik Maxi Dresses are made of special batik materials that originally come from Indonesia. We have different kinds of batik materials that are used for our Maxi Dresses.
Most of our Batik material comes directly from the Batik craftman in Yogyakarta and Pekalongan. The pattern of the Batik itself is made exclusively only for Deutzyg Boutique.
We prioritize on special designs and ultimate quality. Therefore, you can rely on our high quality products including our casual dresses, batik patchwork bags, and Indonesian traditional accessories.
We are also producing men Batik shirt called Batik Amien Rais. The name is after the famous reformist from Indonesia, Mr. Mohammad Amien Rais. We are presenting these exclusive Men Batik shirts for the elegant and modist Men across Indonesia and around the world!
Deutzyg Boutique is the Fashion Icon in Batik Indonesia!
Deutzyg Owner,
Tasniem Fauzia
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