Friday, May 28, 2010

Deutzyg's Brand New Logo

Dear Customers and Friends,

Deutzyg Boutique has just launched its new logo for the ONLINE BOUTIQUE and OFFLINE BOUTIQUE *yay,...finally soon* that will be launched SOON in Yogyakarta. The location of the offline Boutique is on Jalan Raya Pandean Sari No. 6 Yogyakarta. You can visit our boutique there to check out our products.

Bimillahirahmanirohim, and here is our new Boutique LOGO!
Thank you very much for all of your supports all this time.
Deutzyg Boutique will never be in this place without all our loyal customers in Indonesia and abroad. We love Batik. We love Indonesian heritage.

Best of Love,
Tasniem Fauzia
Deutzyg Boutique's Owner
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